September 26th, 2021


Over the last 18 months, keeping our homes and work environments clean and disinfected has never been more important. We all want to live in the cleanest and healthiest environment possible, but when it comes down to #cleaning and disinfecting, what’s the difference and why does cleaning greener matter?

The difference
While you may think that these two words are interchangeable terms, they actually refer to very different processes. Cleaning is the task of removing dirt, germs, and impurities from the surfaces of your home or workspace, but it does not completely kill #germs. Instead, it significantly lowers the overall number.

Disinfecting, on the other hand, uses chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. However, it does not always remove dirt or germs. That is why you should always clean before disinfecting your surfaces to guarantee the very best results.

Why clean green?
While cleaning and disinfecting your home or workplace is incredibly important, you should use the most environmentally friendly products possible. Many #cleaningproducts contain harmful chemicals that are not only very harmful to our health but are also incredibly damaging to the environment.

Using #green cleaning products helps to ensure that you are protecting the health of your family and reducing the impact you have on the planet.

Looking for green cleaning product?
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These great smelling, powerful solutions are made from all-natural ingredients and are able to completely clean surfaces without causing any harm to your health.

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