Spring has Sprung....I think!

Depending on where you live, Spring is finally here. In the mid-Atlantic Spring has been visiting and leaving for about a month:-).  Given that it is almost May, and I haven't had to wear a winter coat in almost a week, I'm clinging to Spring! Now that it's official, it's time to do some spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning is good for our homes and even better for our souls!  There's something about cleaning, purging, and creating space. Our minds and bodies need this opportunity to be refreshed and renewed!  There's freedom in purging and satisfaction in cleaning and sprucing things up! To take a deeper dive on spring cleaning, check out Deep Clean Your Home with the 2022 Spring Cleaning Cure | Apartment Therapy. You can also check out our Tub Scrub at Green Laundress Tub Scrub Review | Apartment Therapy

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